When the Bird of the Heart Begins to Sing, too Often will Reason Stop up her Ears

When the bird of the heart begins to sing, too often will reason stop up her ears

 This one small sentence, a quote by Hans Christian Anderson; speaks volumes.

 Initial reactions to the above quote….

My thoughts re the above are that it all depends on the actual situation. Sometimes the bird of the heart is so entranced it will soar into joyous song, ignore reason and run blindly down the dangerous path which can at times lead to nowhere. Worse! It may even end in lifelong pain and regrets. Of course, cold, logical reason can drown out the song of the heart and her music is lost; leaving only an empty silence.

  There is perhaps another path to choose – One which divides off somewhere along the way. – The bird of the heart initially responds to its beauty as she breaks into song, but accepts reason’s point of view too. Reason which chases her tail while pointing out the immutable fact; that there is no gain without pain. The bird of the heart might well still choose this path which she feels leads to where her song can be listened to; accepting that there might be a price to be paid.

Continuing Musings on this Topic

my years I have made the decision at various times to take each one of these paths described above, most of which have lead to life-changing circumstances; some for the better, others for the worse. The one unchangeable fact however is that no one can alter what has passed and gone. The past is set in stone forever. What has been done has been done.  Lessons can be learned from the past. The best anyone can do with hindsight is to move on  from our mistakes, make corrections where possible and try to think more carefully before choosing further directions in our lives. Life is all about learning from both our mistakes and also our better choices.

All human beings are flawed. We, each of us, make our own choices in the end; depending on what thinking we initially apply to our decisions. There are times when we will knowingly make a wrong choice simply because our private emotions are so powerful we are simply not prepared to examine the consequences. We want our choice and we want it now!

It can take an extremely strong personality to put aside what we long for even when we are aware that taking the wrong path can end disastrously, not just to ourselves but to others too. Powerful emotions can seriously affect our choices. Our feelings are always in the picture when choices come at us in life. Feelings will attempt to dictate to us which path to take and it is a known fact that it is not wise to make important decisions when under the influence of our emotions; wherever they stem from.

Loneliness, love, lust, happiness, bitterness, hatred, envy, depression, weakness and anger are just a few of the emotions that exist in each one of us at one time or another, leading from our personal natures, our backgrounds and situations that arise in our lives.

Bereaved human beings can suffer deeply from loneliness due to the sudden death of a partner, a dear friend, a child, a parent resulting in the absence of the love and companionship previously in their lives. What new paths the bereaved have to take will depend again on the individual.  The way back is hard and the wrong choices might well be made if decisions are taken too quickly.

Sadly, some will always continue to stay where they previously were and stagnate; damaged emotionally for the rest of their lives and shunning society. The bird of the heart has stopped singing for faulty reason has perhaps overcome their thinking. Others at the right time will eventually summon up the healing strength to walk down new paths and find peace and stimulation once more in their day to day living.

Some will be blessed to find love again from whatever circumstance. Others may choose to venture down different paths in their attempts to find their way once more. Some may devote their lives to causes, others will find fresh interests. Some may never cope with the overwhelming changes. They will stand before the signposts pointing in new directions but find themselves unable to move on. They simply cling to the past and never really recover from its loss.  Others are fortunate enough to find themselves once more. They will find the courage to learn to walk again, getting back on their feet each time they fail and fall. Inevitably there will be setbacks.

A common situation when a person finds themselves bereaved or divorced is that former friends can drift away leaving the person alone and lonely. Where to go from that point will depend on the individual. Some cannot cope with this; others will listen to the bird of the heart’s singing and ‘come up fighting’ in a manner of speaking.

A person may be struggling along through a lonely wilderness seeking to find themselves again, when out of the blue, they will meet someone; or something different will turn up in their lives such as a new job and that is hopefully enough to get them back on the right track again.

Among those who are of a religious nature; some will continue to find comfort in their beliefs, others may sadly lose their faith.

I know of one friend who was a regular churchgoer and a devoted Christian. One day this lady’s husband lost his battle with cancer.  To her dismay, when she turned to her Christian friends for comfort and solace, they never seemed to be about. There can be more than one reason for this. The most common one though is that initially, a few folk can find it hard to visit a bereaved person. They don’t know what to say or do so they put it off, promising themselves they will get round to it. As time passes, it becomes harder to make the emotional effort to visit the bereaved friend and easier to put the problem to the back of their minds. In the end they just don’t do anything. The bereaved lose not only a parent, child, husband or wife but also their fair weather friends too.

My friend was so hurt that she eventually took the path away from the Church and all it had previously meant to her. She became intensely bitter at what she saw as a betrayal. In time she grew stronger. The bird of her heart turned away from all the reasoning she had struggled with. She found a new path and new faith as she devoted her life in general to helping others in trouble and there is no doubt she hears the bird of her heart singing beautifully; loud and clear. She is at present happy and at peace.

Life is a complicated journey chock full of choices which have to be made every day of our lives. “One man’s meat is another man’s poison” is a well known maxim. It is the big decisions which have the greatest effect on the paths we choose to walk along. The big ones can fulfil or devastate a life, depending on which direction we take and whether we choose reason alone or also from the bird song within our hearts. The best decisions we make can stem from a combination of the two.

A very basic example is that of a friend who fell in love with a married man. Sadly the man also fell in love and initially the wrong choices were made. The two of them gave in to their emotional and physical needs. After a while though, the woman, finding herself increasingly uneasy; thought it all out in her heart and mind.

The choices before her were firstly to carry on in the same manner; thus hurting the man’s wife and children with messy divorce proceedings; or to find the strength to end the affair, hurting both herself and the man she loved. Each time she thought of this beloved man her love would swell up so sweetly within her as the bird of the heart sang on and on. Aware though of which was the right choice, reason spoke loudly too, eventually drowning out the bird song of the heart. She knew which decision to make and though sad, she made it.

Unfortunately the man did not see it in the same way. He hounded her on and off for a long time, causing distress to her and jealous suspicions on the part of her ex lover’s wife and her own husband too. – Essentially, almost a lifetime of unhappiness has followed this sad story.

After thinking on the above quote for some time…. It is my conclusion that both reason and the bird of the heart’s song will have a place in the choices we all make throughout life. In  many of the decisions or choices we make throughout life there is neither a wrong or right path to take. There is no specific rule and no sure winner! The best decisions we make will hopefully include both.



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