A Collection of Cat Comments

Well, would you believe it? Today the sun is out and shining valiantly and the temperature is well beyond that of the previous couple of weeks – quite the summer type weather in fact. It remains to be seen as to whether it stays like this all day. In recent months we seem to have a variety of climatic conditions all in one day.

Nobody ever knows what to wear if they are going out. Sally forth in a thin and brightly coloured summer outfit (as you would expect this time of the year) and you can near enough guarantee to be caught in a downpour before you get back home. We shall see! As the furthest I am going today is possibly over the road for a coffee with my friends and neighbours, it is not too hard a decision when it comes to what to wear. At the moment I am continually wiping the sweat from my fevered brow as I sit and type.

The house is far too warm for comfort and this is made harder as having three cats who do not go out (they are house cats) I am unable to open windows. My home is a bungalow and they would be out in a trice with no idea how to get back to me after they had initially panicked and fled the garden into unknown territory. The only solution for me is to have a series of cool showers throughout the day. On the good side though; at least I am saving money on gas and electric. That doesn’t happen often up North in Britain!

Of course the cats love the sunshine and while I am typing down today’s thoughts at my PC they are all snoozing peacefully in the various spots where the sun is shining into my home. Cats sleep such a lot. I suppose they take after their very large cousins – the lions in Africa.  They are reputed to spend much of their lives during the hottest part of the day and when they are not out hunting; simply chilling out in the sunshine. (I think the hunting bit occurs at night) Apparently lions are quite the laziest of creatures. Chilling is perhaps not the best of adjectives when you think of the extremely high temperatures in South Africa.

Hmmmm…. Perhaps I spoke too soon! Charlie my youngest cat has just graced me with her presence to give me a bit of loving. Unfortunately, this involves her sitting at first mewing sadly about the fact that I am busy typing when she is here to have a few social moments. The next step is that I relent and bend down to give her pats and strokes too. This of course encourages her to jump up onto the PC table which is quite a large one. Next to me is a space where I have a soft cat cushion for any of them to lie on when they want to spend time with me,

At first she begins to give me the cat version of some loving and spends time rubbing her head and face onto my fingers with a few gentle love bites too. Believe me it is not the easiest thing to do to type while that is going on. It is very pleasant of course but on the other hand (a metaphorical term not my actual hand) as part of her loving is to try and remove my fingers from the keyboard and transfer them onto her in a little mutual caresses it is very difficult to type while this is going on.

Thankfully she has realised at last that I have to get on with my 750 words and the loving must wait. She has hunkered down as cats so often do and is now settled on the cat cushion.  She is watching me with a definitely resigned look on her face. People think and say that cats have expressionless faces but oh buddy! How wrong they are. It is a generalisation which if I remember from my study of logic is a faulty assumption; as there are always exceptions to the rule. In the case of cat’s faces, the exceptions greatly outweigh the alleged rule. (Whatever am I babbling about????)

You would almost think cats could read! After looking over my shoulder for a few minutes Charlie has made the decision to jump down and wander off again for a more suitable place to relax in. I am afraid therefore; that is my lot in terms of a love-in for today. She will no doubt be up on her very own little blanket on the window sill in the library; soaking up the already hazy sunshine.

There are many times, especially on cold days when Charlie and my eldest cat, ten years old Bren; simply sleep the day away on my bed. I have a couple of old tartan blankets that used to cover my car’s back seat. (When I was lucky enough to be blessed in having a car) I put one on the bed while the other is getting washed – turn and turn about. In that way the duvet escapes being adorned with various shades of cat hair.

My third cat Jenty is a gentle loving little thing but quite solitary; which she seems perfectly happy about. She gets on fine with the other two in general, but is not inclined to do much socialising with them. She seems quite content to spend most of her life lying on her own small blanket at the kitchen window. In that way she can keep an eye on anything going on in the human world, watch the birds and daydream about what would happen if there was no glass between her and the winged creatures she would so love to get at. In between indulging in these pastimes she does what all cats do; she simply sleeps.

Now and then for a change, Jenty potters along the hall to the front door which is glass fronted. The rays of the sun when it does decide to shine absolutely pour in through the glass; so much that the carpet around it has faded considerably. This is one area of the house where all three of them can be seen together, all soaking up the warmth while they snooze. Now and then the sounds of gentle snoring can be heard which I suspect comes mainly from Bren who is quite an old lady now compared to the two young ones.

As I have digressed quite a bit and wandered all over the place in my literary endeavours this morning; I feel I want to remember my fourth cat who is at peace and sadly no longer with us – my beloved Cindy. Charlie misses her and I feel she noticeably grieves for her. They played together a lot. Charlie has become much quieter and clingier since we lost Cindy. I miss her more than can ever be put into words so I won’t even try. Whatever you are doing in ‘Cat Heaven’ my sweet little Cindy, I hope you are happy. It is a certainty that you will be full of chatter; as you always were when I was so blessed to have you with me. Perhaps that is why I will always have that special place in my heart for you; as you remind me of me. According to the people closest to me; I too chatter incessantly at quite a fast rate. Love you so much Cindy Lou and always will.

Ah well, the sun has gone away again as I suspected it might do. I must go and get on with the chores of the day.


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